Coaches & Officials

Our club offers coaching in the following disciplines:

Sprints, Distance, Throws, Jumps, Hurdles, Walks & Middle distance running. All coaches are trained and accredited with Athletics Australia and have current Working With Children Checks (VIC). We offer coaching at Beginners, Elite, Little Athletics, School & Masters levels.

Coach Qualification AA ID Speciality
Errol Hart

Lv.4 Specialist Coach Jumps

Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach Jumps

Lv.3 Advanced Event Group Coach Sprints Relays & Hurdles

Para-athletics Coach IAAF Kids’ Athletics Coach

271 Over 30 years experience both in Australia and overseas. Former Indian decathlete and national record holder. Directs, Leads, Mentors the coaching staff and program development.
Kristen Smith Lv.2 Intermediate Club Coach IAAF Kids’ Athletics Coach 7625 Specialist club and school coach with over 5 years coaching experience. Australian representative and national level athlete.






Ms Alyson Hart

Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach
Youth Aths Leader
IAAF Kids’ Athletics Coach


Over 20 years experience in athletics administration and the development of athletics at the grassroots level. Former Indian national athlete and national record holder.

Scott Nelson

Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach


Club Coach. Walks and Steeplechase. Former Olympian (Race Walking) and current Masters athlete.

Arnold Pamphlis

Lv.1 Community Athletics Coach


Club Coach. Junior and Kids sport. Former Indian national athlete.