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The club is Wyndham Track and Field Inc. (the Club). It was founded in December 2012 when 24 athletes and administrators met and pledged themselves to introduce and foster 21st century ideals, goals and aspirations to the local athletic scene through a newly-formed athletic club. It was incorporated in February 2013.

Our focus is to build the sport of track and field athletics at the grassroots level, and to provide competitive and social opportunities enabling a stronger, healthier, more integrated community.



Our vision is to provide opportunities for Track and Field to be enjoyed throughout the year rather than on a seasonal basis. We believe this is necessary for the growth of the sport and development of future Australian champions.

  • To drive change in the sport through progressive thinking and exciting, innovative approaches to grow an enthusiasm for the sport of athletics.
  • To build a uniquely inclusive, family- orientated club culture that promotes fun, friendship and a strong team spirit by training together in one location.
  • Creating an environment that promotes the empowerment of volunteers, coaches and members to build skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Providing a strong team-based community, where young people learn life skills that develop them into the best possible adults that they can be.
  • That the club will endeavour, as far as possible, to provide a training base, coaching and volunteer expertise, resources and competition uniform for its members.



To promote and grow the sport of track and field athletics in the City of Wyndham and surrounds. We do this by:

  1. Increasing the membership base in a sustainable manner – (ie) growing strategically.
  2. Driving an increase in community based participation in athletics.
  3. Creating an environment that encourages athletes to remain with the club, even after they stop competing.
  4. Building a lasting brand that exceeds expectations of athletics community.
  5. Building solid governance and foundations to be financially viable for future generations.
  6. Providing sufficient resources for our members to use in one central athletics training facility.
  7. Providing participation pathways for beginners, intermediate and elite levels to compete.



Our mission is to provide opportunities for the community to enjoy the sport of Track and Field in a friendly atmosphere; to provide professional assistance in coaching over the complete range of athletic events; and to encourage the community of all ages and abilities to participate for the pure enjoyment of Track and Field.






Coaching practices are inclusive of all abilities, cultural practices and background of sportspeople. Coaches are accredited to Athletics Australia standards.

The focus of our coaching is to provide members across all track and field events:

  • Competitive fitness to achieve their full athletic potential; and/or
  •  Foster a genuine interest in sport & fitness for good health.

 Our coaching program focusses on:

  • A fun and active learning environment.
  • Individual improvement and positive reinforcement.
  • Developing the skills of running, jumping and throwing in age appropriate sequential progressions.
  • Improvement in physical and emotional wellbeing.



This Club is a not-for-profit organisation and aims to put back all monies raised into the community.

Sponsorship categories offered are three   levels – Gold ($2,000 per annum), Silver ($1,000 per annum) and Bronze ($500 per annum) respectively.  Donations and sponsorship will used for purchase of world class training aids and equipment for coaching. It may also be used to subsidise costs of membership fees, uniform, travel and healthy snacks to the athletes in training.

In return for sponsorship the Club offers special invitations to Club’s activities, public advertisement by using the sponsor’s logo/brand on the equipment we purchase and on promotional material we publish.

In- kind donations such as printed collateral, merchandise etc will also be readily accepted.

A copy of our Annual Report is available your information. Cash donations are tax deductible – a tax invoice can be issued on request.


Send us an enquiry  via wyndhamtf@gmail.com



Kick Start Athletics for Kids (Ages  6 years – 12 years) 

In 2014 we launched the IAAF/Australian Sports Commission’s Kids Athletics program in 6 Werribee, Wyndham & Tarneit primary schools with great success and concluding with a gala event in September 2014.

Our Kick Start program for junior athletes aged 6-12 years inaugural program was run over 9 weeks from October  – December 2014 with great feedback and results.

We have since continued to run the program successfully for the past 2 years.


Beginners to Elite (Ages 12 - upwards)

Our aim is to be a community-focussed club and promote athletics from the grassroots level.

We offer coaching in all athletic disciplinessprints, vertical and horizontal jumps, pole vault, hurdles, middle distance and throws. We offer athletes opportunities and pathways to compete at Victorian Little athletics, Victorian State, Australian National and International championships.

We offer structured training programs and a progressive pathway from beginners (Kick Start) to intermediate (Youth Development) elite (High Performance) levels of ability.


Social Sport (All ages, all abilities)

We offer beginners to athletics an opportunity to participate for fun and fitness regardless of their age or ability – Walking groups and gentle running and exercise is offered as the focus is on health & wellbeing and participation for lifelong physical fitness and healthy living.








2012-13 Fabian Gargano Michaell Lewis Alyson Hart Alan White
2013-14 Fabian Gargano Michaell Lewis Alyson Hart Alan White
2014-15 Fabian Gargano Michaell Lewis Alyson Hart Alan White
2015-16 Stephen Murphy Michaell Lewis Alyson Hart Alan White
2016-17 Stephen Murphy Michaell Lewis Alyson Hart Arnold Pamphlis
2017-18 Stephen Murphy  Michaell Lewis  Alyson Hart  Arnold Pamphlis
2018-19  Stephen Murphy  Michaell Lewis  Alyson Hart  Vaily D’Souza



Regarding Kick Start – I absolutely love your passion for this project, it’s very inspiring.

Kylie Italiano, Coaching Coordinator, Athletics Australia

Thank you for your support of the AASC program during the time you have been involved! 

Each coach makes a significant difference to the lives of children when they engage them in a positive way!  So that means those that have coached for a number of years will have influenced many children’s attitude to sport and activity. 

I know from the constant feedback I receive that the children, their parents and schools/OSHCS in the Wyndham area have appreciated the work you have done and I certainly have as well!!

Brad Roylance, Western Region Sport Coordinator, Australian Sports Commission

Thank you for your support with our WELS Bulldogs Sports Program in 2014.

Western Bulldogs

Mr Errol Hart and Mr Peter Gavaghan were recognised for their long standing service to the community.

Local Hero Awards

Thank you to the whole team for the great job you do with Wyndham Track & Field athletics!

Gayle Murphy, Parent

You guys rock, and that is high praise from a geologist!

Dr Brendan Duffy, University of Melbourne.

What a wonderful club for the community of Werribee to have. Regards,

Debbie Cross, AwardsandTrophies